air mattress for sofa bed

An Air Mattress for Sofa Bed Is Comfortable

The air mattress for sofa beds makes sleeping more comfortable. If you have ever had to sleep on a hide a bed mattress you know how far from being comfortable they are. If you are used to sleeping on a regular mattress these hide a beds can make your visit to a friend or relatives house tiring. Not getting a good nights sleep is not usually a good thing. The new air mattress for the sofa bed has now made sleeping on the couch much more comfortable and inviting for those who need a place to sleep.

If you have ever spent the night on a traditional sofa bed, comfort is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Most people who have slept on one of these contraptions probably envision a mattress that was as thin as a board, and a bar in the middle that hit right about the kidneys.

You might agree that it was not remotely the most restful night that you have ever spent! Still, when company comes to call, a sofa bed is often the first option a host has for accommodating overnight guests. The good news is that there is new technology in air mattresses for sofa beds that actually offers a good night's sleep and a refreshing morning after!

The Basic Air Mattress for Sofa Bed Comfort

There are many brands of air mattresses available, and many of these products are made to work well on a sofa bed. It is fairly easy to use an air mattress on a sofa bed. Simply pull out the bed, place the mattress on top of the frame, and inflate it using an electric pump. Many air mattresses only take about three minutes to fully inflate with the use of an electric pump.

These mattresses work with standard-size sheets, so once your mattress is inflated; you can make up your bed as usual. The great advantage to an air mattress for a sofa bed is the comfort level as well as the convenience. Air mattresses tend to be thicker than your standard sofa bed mattress, and can be inflated for firmness according to the preference of the user. These mattresses work best for just a few nights of sleeping.

Air and Coil Combinations

There is a new product on the market that is designed specifically as an air mattress for sofa beds. These mattresses will fold up with the sofa bed, so that extra storage to house your air mattress is not necessary. These new mattress come with two layers for added support and comfort. The bottom layer is made up of coils that add support to your sofa bed's air mattress. The top layer is the inflatable layer. It stays flat during storage inside your sofa.

Once it is unfolded, you can unzip the cover of the mattress and inflate the top layer to your liking, just like any standard air mattress. The mattress then makes up just like a standard bed, and the comfort level is much closer to what one is used to sleeping on at home. These mattresses are so easy to inflate and deflate for storage, that they can be used easily for guests that are staying for longer visits. What a great design in an air mattress for a sofa bed to keep overnight guests more comfortable!

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