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Shopping For A New Mattress Set

Shopping for a new mattress set can be very exciting. You get to go and look at all the different mattresses that are now available to you. You have many choices to make when you are shopping for a new mattress. Most people also choose to get new bedding for their new mattress set, which can also be exciting. You get a new comfortable bed, and new bedding at the same time. If you get a good mattress that is comfortable you will get a great nights sleep.

Buying a new mattress set is not something very hard, but buying the best on the market is sometimes very hard. There are just too many different types of mattresses on the market these days. If you bought your mattress five years ago, and want to change now, you definitely would not be able to find the same one, and in fact you would be lost in choices.

Five years ago, the job of buying may have seemed hard for you. Now, it's going to be even worse than that. You have to know the basics of a mattress before choosing the right one for your needs and requirements. From the comfort level that the mattress can provide to the foundation to the warranty, everything needs to be considered before you buy one.

Comfort and Support Levels

Basically there are three different comfort levels when it comes to mattresses, which include firm, plush and pillow top. What differs is the type of support or padding that the mattress can provide. Firm is believed to be better for the back because it gives more support, although that may not be true for your body. Plush mattresses usually have a firm mattress foundation, with additional padding or comfort layers on top for extra comfort.

Pillow top is just above plush, whereby mattresses of this type give more comfort layers on top in general. This is very important when buying a new mattress set, especially to those who are much concerned with hardness of mattresses and discomfort with it. For some, a certain type of mattress could be hard, while for some others it may appear soft.


A new mattress set would not be a different type of mattress from what you have been using, unless you want to try something new. The most important feature when it comes to the different types would be the foundation of the mattress itself, or what it is made of. The common ones would include spring, foam, water, air, and so on. Basically, here you have to consider the quality of the spring or foam or any other medium used in the mattress set. If you are looking for a long lasting mattress, then you should go for springs that flex and absorb some of the weight.


Cheaper mattress sets would not have warranties normally more than a year, but when you buy good ones they may go up to even five years. When you buy a mattress worthy of your money, make sure the warranty is worthy as well.

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