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The Latex Mattress Choice

The latex mattress is growing in popularity. Many people are seeing the many benefits of owning a latex mattress. The pillow top mattress, and memory foam, and box spring mattress have some new competition. There are many choices available to you when you are looking for a new mattress. The latex mattress has benefits that you will want to check out and compare before you make your decision. Make sure you get all the facts and get a great mattress that best suits your needs.

People are now slowly changing from chemical/synthetic to completely organic products. The trend has seen a visible shift in food, in clothes, in cosmetics and now even in terms of mattresses. Are there any organic mattresses? Yes, indeed there are one hundred percent organic mattresses available, and these mattresses are otherwise known as the latex mattresses.

What is Latex?

Latex is the whitish fluid that is collected from the rubber tree to make foam, rubber and latex. The rubber sap once collected from the tree is used to make mattresses and many other things. In the case of the latex mattress, you will find that there are two major styles of turning the rubber into the mattress we see in the shop.

One way is by whisking the liquid in such a way that air bubbles get in giving the rubber a different viscosity and bounce, which is a process called Dunlop Latex. The other way is by whipping it to insert air bubbles and then stretching it with the help of special vacuum application, which makes Talaly latex. The latter method results in a higher quality of latex, and many times better comfort that the Dunlop latex.

Is Organic Better than its Synthetic Counterpart?

Many would be of the opinion that organic is indeed better. The latex mattress is made from natural material and hence it is environment-friendly, which is by itself a great quality. Also the latex mattress is naturally dust-proof and allergy-proof since latex contains a few ingredients which repel dust mites. Not only it will always stay dust-free, but it also does not allow any other particles to get attached to it. Hence, if you maintain the basic necessity/ routine cleaning of the mattress you will never have to worry again about dust mites or allergies.

The latex mattress is also extremely airy unlike its synthetic counterpart, which becomes very uncomfortable in the summer and cold and unfriendly in the winter. Since latex breathes freely, it gives exactly the opposite results. It is very cool in summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

Lastly, there is the comfort. Nothing, people who use it say, can beat a latex mattress in comfort. It is simply excellent giving your body just enough firmness to sink into without allowing the muscles to cramp and end in body aches as other mattresses do.

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