The Organic Mattress

The organic mattress is one type of mattress that many people do not know much about. When you watch or even listen to the television or radio, or read the paper or magazines you will hear or see many advertisements for different beds. There are many choices such as the traditional box spring mattress, or the pillow top mattress, or memory foam, or the adjustable bed. The organic mattress, though less commonly found than other types of mattresses, may be a mattress that you may want to check into when you are in the market.

Have you heard yet of the term 'organic mattress'? Did you know that such a mattress exists? Well, let me have the privilege of educating you on this term. As the world in general is moving towards organic food, organic clothes and all, the organic mattress is part of this movement. This mattress is organic because it is made exclusively of organic material.

Is the Organic Mattress Any Better Than its Synthetic Counterpart?

If you take the reports on the subjects as true, it seems that the organic mattress is indeed better than its synthetic counterpart because the polyurethane foam that is mostly utilized in the making of the synthetic mattress may sometimes provoke very serious allergies in people.

You can feel extremely good that you are sleeping on a one-hundred-percent natural product. This product uses a combination of real wool (originating from France and New Zealand) and natural latex and sometimes a percentage of cotton.

The all-natural ingredients make it perfectly safe for the use of adults and children alike. The natural wool is a natural dust mite repellant; hence the organic mattress will have less dust accumulation which will make it safer and healthier to sleep on. Additionally, you will have a chemical-free, allergy-free, environment-friendly sleeping medium.

The above reasons are just the some of the basic rationale to choose and use an organic mattress. Besides the fact that it helps the environment along, it also gives a lot of satisfaction and a very good sleep. Sleeping on latex can sometimes, especially in hot and humid climates, become quite uncomfortable by making you sweat. However, the organic mattress is able to breathe and hence you feel comfortable sleeping on it, even when it is hot and unpleasant.

Beware, though, that not all the mattresses that are advertised as organic, are truly organic. Many are indeed made of natural wool and other pertinent ingredients. However, they are also treated with fire-retardant chemicals (formaldehyde), coated with plastics to render them waterproof, covered with polyester to wash easily and so on.

When you go for the organic stuff, ensure that you get a mattress which is organic all the way, in and out. Refuse any chemical or synthetic embellishment. Choose that mattress that is one hundred percent organic. Be stubborn when you look for the totally organic item. It definitely exists since many leading brands are now launching their all-organic products.

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