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The Popular Queen Size Mattress

The queen size mattress is one of the most popular mattress sizes. This mattress is popular because it is big enough for two people to sleep on comfortably, and fits in most bedrooms. A full mattress is a little smaller, but may not be as comfortable for two people to sleep on, and the king size take up more room than most people have in their bedroom. The bedding is also cheaper for a queen size mattress than for a king size mattress.

If you want a king size bed in your room, yet it doesn't fit, then the next option would be a queen size bed. For a queen size bed, you would require a queen size mattress. A queen size mattress is a large mattress, but not as big as a king -- being over a foot narrower. It basically fits nicely into a queen size bed.

Some people tend to get confused by queen size mattress with other similar ones, such as the full size mattress, and even the king size mattress at times. Some others know that king is larger than queen in general, but if you were to ask them the real difference, they would not know.

What is the Real Difference?

It is true that some custom-cutting bed manufacturers tend to make the mattress smaller or larger than the standard size. This is where most people get confused, because a custom-made queen size mattress can be larger than a king at times, so some would tend to believe that is the king size.

The typical North American queen size mattress is usually 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The queen beds are larger than other beds such as twin, single and so on. Although all of them may seem to refer to a mattress for two people, they still have differences when it comes to dimensions. A twin bed, which is also known as a single bed, is usually for children, whereby the mattress is usually narrow, with dimensions of 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. A king size mattress on the other hand, is typically 76 inches wide and 80 inches long in the United States and Canada, and with other variants in other parts of the world.

Purpose and Considerations When Buying

The main purpose of a queen size mattress is for couples, for commonly there is enough space to twist and turn and sleep well at night. This is normally useful when the room does not fit the king size mattress and bed. This mattress is, in fact, the most famous and commercially sold among all types of mattresses.

For that reason, there may be too many in the market, which may confuse buyers. So when it comes to buying, you need to check for the quality of the foundation, the uniformity of the padding, materials used, as well as for a warranty, just like when you buy any other mattress.

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