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Casper Discount codes:


Two years later this bed is still in perfect shape, no denting or sagging or anything. 150lb woman and a 230lb man sleep in this every night. I would never even consider buying some crazy expensive bed again. But it was also noisy and my new and improved man and I would wake each other when we jostled around at night. After we managed to unpackage this sucker we inspected it carefully. It arrived in fantastic condition, no mold or defects. In less than 24 hours it has expanded to the correct size. I hope they're still making this bed if mine needs to be replaced, although I don't see that happening for a long, long time. can also say that the bed is quite nice for other activities as well. So far I'm very very pleased with this Casper mattress.

I originally bought a 12 inch Queen size mattress on Prime Day use great source with Casper discounts and coupon codes and saved about $150 for my first order, really enjoy my Casper!

I still can't believe how little we paid for such a good mattress. I do recommend you get a waterproof cover for it, but I would suggest the same for any mattress. Nothing but good to report on this mattress. I am so happy I did not shell out big money for the Casper mattress because I do not know how it could be any more comfortable than the bed we have now.

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